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  • ryknield


‘I am sat here anxiously waiting for them to arrive. My hands are shaking with anxiety thinking about

what’s going to be revealed. I hear thudded footsteps approaching my bedroom door, a loud

creaking noise of the door slowly opening. A tall blonde haired girl approaches me, a shocked face of

seeing my long lost friend stood in front of me. I am overwhelmed with excitement and happiness.’


‘I look over the open green, laughing and looking at my tall, long haired friend. Dreading the long

walk across the muddy field, walking through sticky, slushy mess. Yuck my shoes are a mess!

Whilst walking we are chatting about the day we have had, praying that tomorrow isn’t as bad. We

approach a large red structure shaped like a mushroom, we plan a funny game whilst my Louis is

looking over.’


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