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as part of kilburn (not london)’s creation process, our group of young people from Plus One made Creative Identity Diaries where they honed their writing skills in poetry, scripts and creative non-fiction. they created work responding to the core three themes of the audio drama:


  • place

  • identity

  • relationships


as part of our mission to get people creating, we are also welcoming submissions from the public responding to these themes. we want to hear your stories of places you kept secret, places you shared with someone, places you fell in love, places you’d never go back to. 


stories about places that made you who you are and the relationships you built there.


it could be a town, your childhood bedroom, a cafe, a tree, a country, under your dinner table.


here you can submit your own work: visual art, poetry, scripts, essays, short stories, videos, music or any other way you want to express yourself. the submitted pieces will then be moderated by our team before being anonymously published on our Creative Identity Diaries page!


we welcome any and all submissions!


please be aware that by submitting a piece of work to this page, you are consenting for it to be anonymously published on this website.

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