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  • lapwing

inspired by 'Got Shine'

‘A perfect day – not too hot, not too cold.

Even though sometimes I can be rough with you

Sometimes I can say some hurtful things,

Sometimes I just wanna say I love you

But it’s really hard for me to say that.

Sometimes you see on TV,

The perfect day with actors playing roles

And I wish I could have that with you.

A perfect day – not too hot, not too cold.

Sometimes I dream that I have all these words I wanna say to you.

But I’m afraid to. I wish I could be the next Martin Luther King

To be brave and say what I feel

Even though people judged him.

He is strong and brave and to say those things.

I have a dream

To be who and what I want

The world is hard and tough

There are always people will be around

To love you.’


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